To access prices and place orders, you need to create an account on your site.
How do I create an account on TopoMag?
An account is created only with the e-mail address of the service. This shows that you are a TopoMag member, through our partnership with the company you work for.

In the top right of the site click on "Authenticate" and in the opening page enter your e-mail address (the one from your company) and click on the "Create account" button. Then fill in the required data: name & surname, service email address, chosen password, date of birth, address & postal code, city, county, country, mobile phone. Ensure that the completed data is correct!

You will receive an automatic mail attesting the registration of the data and confirming the creation of the account. Account validation is done automatically and you can see the prices and place orders.

If your email address is incorrect and you get an error when registering, it means that there is no partnership between your company and TopoMag. For more details, please contact the TopoMag team at: +40.722.403.049; +40.721.268.721, or by email at: