The availability shown is approximate and is based on the current day's stockpiles.

The actual availability of the products and the delivery terms will be communicated by phone or e-mail to our agencies upon validation of the order.

Online order

Choose the desired products and add them to your shopping cart. After a product has been added to the cart, a window will open in which you can continue shopping or view the summary order.

To view the products in your shopping cart, follow the "Continue" button in the box that runs when you access the "Cos" box at the top right.

To complete the order you must follow the following steps:

Check the correctness of the products in the basket;
Check the billing and delivery address of your order. If you want to deliver the order to another address, you can add a new address. You can also update the address you initially entered when you created your account or enter additional comments about the order;
Choose the delivery method. After reading the terms and conditions, you must check that you agree with them.
Choose payment method;
Confirm your order.
You will receive an order confirmation email. This message does not require the seller to execute the order until the stock is confirmed by a sales agent, by telephone or by e-mail.

The seller may request pre-payment.