Product warranty

Products marketed by TopoMag through Tapako Industry come from sources licensed by manufacturers or directly from manufacturers and benefit from a top-end service warranty from the TopoMag team.

The warranty period for the products sold is 24 months, except for accessories and accumulators that have a warranty of up to 12 months.

In the case of warranty certificates issued by the manufacturer / importer, the products benefit from the warranty in their service networks, in the centers explicitly mentioned in the certificates or made available on the manufacturer's or the shop's website; the defamed product may be displayed directly at the nearest service center. This service unit will assume the full responsibility for resolving the warranty.

Warranty conditions, in this case, may vary depending on the manufacturer and are set out in his trade policies at national level. At the same time, TopoMag, through Tapako Industry, is responsible for the legal compliance warranty, as seller in accordance with the law. The guarantee of conformity is equal to the technical (commercial) guarantee.

The terms and conditions of the warranty are in accordance with the legal provisions: Government Ordinance no. 21/1992 on consumer protection, Law no. 449/2003 on the sale of products and the associated guarantees, with subsequent updates. The warranty period is mentioned in the certificate issued by the manufacturer / importer and begins to run from the date entered in the purchase invoice, or when the customer received the product by courier (for online purchases - courier delivery);

The duration of the warranty period shall be extended by the time that the seller has been notified of the lack of conformity or the product of the person designated by the seller until the date of bringing the product in the normal state of use, written to lift the product.

Long-term products (those complex products, built from parts and subassemblies, designed and built to be used for medium or long-term use and on which repairs or maintenance work may be carried out) are defective within the period of legal compliance , when they can not be repaired or when the cumulative failure time due to deficiencies within the term of legal compliance exceeds 10% of the term, at the consumer's request, they will be replaced by the seller or he will refund the corresponding product. The rights granted under the commercial guarantee are in accordance with the legal provisions. These legal rights are not affected by the warranty provided.

The service performed during the warranty period will be mentioned on separate documents; these documents become an integral part of the warranty certificate.

The maximum settlement period is 30 calendar days from the date when the buyer, as the case may be, informed the seller in writing of the lack of conformity of the product or handed over the product to the vendor or to the person designated by the seller on the basis of a delivery document, takeover. Once the product has been brought into conformity, it can be lifted directly from service or you can request it by courier.

Compliance will be made in accordance with the following order of execution:

troubleshooting / repairing the product; if this solution is not possible then the provisions of section 2 apply;
partial or full product replacement; if this solution is not possible then the provisions of section 3 apply;
replacement with products with performance at least similar to the product that can not be repaired or replaced with the same model; if this solution is not possible, then the provisions of section 4 apply;
returning the value of the product if the repair or replacement is not possible;
Post-warranty repairs may take between 3 and 45 days.

Customer Responsibilities:

The warranty conditions do not apply to problems or damages caused by the customer or in circumstances such as, but not limited to, the following:

has interfered with the product, has been repaired and / or modified by unauthorized personnel;
serial number of the product (S / N - "serial number", IMEI, etc.), the components or accessories have been modified, broken, canceled or removed;
warranty seals have been broken or changed;
the product has physical defects: cracking, cracking, rusting, rusting or traces of use in inappropriate conditions: inappropriate feed voltages, subject to high temperature and / or pressure variations, incorrect handling, incorrect settings and installations, viruses, software rewritten , penetration of liquids, metals or other substances inside the equipment, etc .;
inability to use due to forgotten or lost passwords / security measures.
The products brought or shipped to the service department must be complete, contain all the accessories (we recommend that they be brought / dispatched in the original packaging or suitable packaging) and accompanied by a copy of the purchase invoice, original warranty certificate manufacturer / importer as well as, optionally, a copy of the warranty certificate issued by TopoMag that accompanies the invoice or is sent online, via email, or directly to the customer. The products requiring the guarantee can be sent to: Str. Ion Voinescu, no. 20, Sector 3, Bucharest.

Once the parcel / product has been received and verified, you will be notified of the performance of the warranty / compliance procedure for your product.

Payment of the shipping for the products sent to service (round-trip) in order to solve the guarantee is the responsibility of TopoMag; shipping can be done through Fan Courier Courier. In the event that the warranty claim is unwarranted and the product works as specified by the manufacturer, the applicant will pay for the shipping costs and the cost of product diagnosis, as determined by the authorized service facility after verification.

Important Mentions:

Loss of the warranty certificate issued by the manufacturer / importer, as well as damage, deletion or loss of the label containing product identification data (S / N, IMEI, etc.) may lead to the loss of the warranty.

The consumer loses the warranty in the following cases:

The device has been subjected to interventions by unauthorized persons;
Programs and information saved on storage media can be deleted / lost during service. We recommend backing up periodically.

Unspecified products from the service unit within 3 months after completion of operations will be declared abandoned (as per the provisions of the Civil Code).

The products to be sent for the warranty will be delivered by the courier company upon our request. Please fill in the required information in the form. Once the form is approved, the courier will pick up the product. Please pack the product carefully to protect it during transport. Product lifting is free. The product will be taken by the courier to the TopoMag reception service. Within 30 days, the product will be brought into compliance, and will be returned by courier, free of charge.


The warranty period is 24 months from the date of purchase by the consumer in accordance with Law no. 449/2003 and O.G. no. 21/1992 (R2).

Exceptions to this warranty term are:

- accessories not sold with the product (cables, chargers, etc.) - 1 year

- the batteries, including those in the products - 6 months

The TopoMag team provides service against charge outside of the Warranty period and throughout the average use of the product.

During the Warranty Period, TopoMag undertakes, at its sole discretion, either to repair or replace the Product or defective parts of the Product, free of charge, under the terms of the Warranty Certificate and the applicable national legislation. To the extent that its repair, replacement of the product or defective Product features is not possible or would involve a disproportionate effort on the part of the TopoMag team, it may be agreed with the Consumer either to reduce the purchase price or to resolve the sale and restitute the value in accordance with current legislation. The recommissioning of the product will take place at the TopoMag headquarters or work points.

Compliance with the product will be made within a max. 15 calendar days from the date the Consumer made TopoMag aware of the Product's non-compliance.

Product warranty does not cover the following:

Thermal, mechanical and plastic damage to the product due to fire, accidents, vibrations, weather, negligence in use or any other factors, independent of the Manufacturer;
Use of the product in improper conditions (eg inadequate power supply, inexistent or faulty earthing, faulty connection, etc.), use of the product in improper environmental conditions (chemical, noxious, smoke, dust or moisture), handling or installation wrong;
Use of the product in applications requiring performance and qualities other than those provided by the class and purpose for which this product is intended, or outside of its technical specifications;
Moral wear of products (eg Physical, mechanical and electrical wear, LCD / OLED / Plasa screen dimming in time), maintenance, periodic verification, etc .;
Use of batteries, power supplies or accessories other than those produced, approved or recommended by the Manufacturer;
Changing the original product status through software / hardware interventions (other than those performed by the TopoMag team);
The inconsistency between the serial number on the Warranty Certificate and the product number inscribed on the product, the lack of the label of the product series or its deletion / modification;
Rechargeable batteries or other consumables whose performances have been affected by the passage of time;
Wrong settings of products or programs, viruses, malfunctions or malfunctions of the operating system, configuration files, or installed programs; Using other drivers or programs than the original ones accompanying the product; any software or hardware incompatibilities that may occur when using our products along with other products;
Use of reconditioned, recharged or otherwise refurbished supplies or consumables, produced or approved by or recommended by the Manufacturer;
For LCD screens, it should be taken into account that they are made up of secondary pixels, the realization of which requires sophisticated technology. It is, however, possible to have some bright or darker pixels on the screen. These pixels have no impact on product performance.

The warranty applies on the basis of the Purchase Document and the Warranty Certificate fully completed by the Seller at the date of purchase of the Product by the Consumer. Failure to complete the incorrect Warranty Certificate is the responsibility of the Seller.

Loss of warranty certificate or original invoice results in loss of warranty. We do not release duplicates for warranty certificates.