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Triumph-2 + L2+GLONASS+RTK Option

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Triumph 2 GNSS Receiver + L2+Glonass+RTK Option

The revolution in size, function and GPS scalability!

The TRIUMPH-2 brings rugged, scalable, affordable, best-in-class GNSS performance to every application. 

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    The revolution in size, function and GPS scalability! The TRIUMPH-2 brings rugged, scalable, affordable, best-in-class GNSS performance to every application.  Base version with 216 all in view channels and GPS and SBAS signals.

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    JAVAD GNNS Option for receivers L2 Signal

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    JAVAD GNNS Option for receivers GLONASS Signal

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    JAVAD GNNS Option for receivers RTK mode comes with 10 Hz RTK Rate and 10 Hz Update Rate


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RIUMPH-2 is based on our TRIUMPH Technology implemented in our TRIUMPH Chip. We offer very powerful GIS field mapping receiver with up to 100 Hz RTK, 216 channels of dual frequency GPS and GLONASS in a small attractive, sturdy, and watertight box. Using its internal Bluetooth and WIiFi connection the receiver can access local GNSS Reference Station Network. In addition to post-processed DGPS capabilities, the TRIUMPH-2 utilizes external correction services for real-time DGPS mapping and navigation applications.

Total 216 channels: all-in-view (GPS L1/L2, GLONASS L1/L2, SBAS L1) integrated receiver 

Main Features

  • GPS L1/L2
  • SBAS L1
  • Data Recording up to 2GB
  • RTK rate 10 Hz
  • Update Rate 10 Hz
  • RAIM
  • USB
  • Multi-Base Code Differential Rover
  • Advanced Multipath Reduction
  • Internal GNSS Antenna
  • Bluetooth® and WiFi Interface
  • Internal Bluetooth/WiFi Antenna
  • Internal Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery


GNSS Antenna

  1. On/Off button
  2. GNSS Receiver, power board with Bluetooth, WiFi, and on-board Memory
  3. 1/4-20" Mounting Thread
  4. Record button
  5. Rechargeable Li-Ion battery pack
GPS Signal C/A, P1, P2, L2C (L+M)
GLONASS Signal C/A, L2C, P1, P2
GALILEO Signal E1 (B+C
BeiDou Signal B1, B1-2, B1C(P+D)
QZSS Signal C/A, L1C (P+D)
SBAS Signal L1
Communication Functions
GNSS Antena Type Internal; NGS calibrated
Radio Modem no
GSM Module no
Ports, Slots, Buttons
Communication Ports Built-in USB to RS232 FTDI converter. 12Mbps USB 2.0 Full-Speed; Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11b/g); Bluetooth V2.0+EDR Class 2 supporting SPP Slave Profile
SIM card slot no
Slot SD card no
No. channels 216
Update Rate Up to 100 times per second (100Hz)
RTK Rate 10 Hz
Autonomous accuracy less than 2m
Static, Fast Static Accuracy Horizontal: 0.3 cm + 0.1 ppm * base_line_length / Vertical: 0.35 cm + 0.4 ppm * base_line_length
Kinemtaic Accuracy Horizontal: 1 cm + 1 ppm * base_line_length / Vertical: 1.5 cm + 1 ppm * base_line_length
DGPS Accuracy less than 0.25 m post processing; less than 0.5 m real-time
Cold / Warm start/ Reacquisition max.35 seconds/ max.5 seconds/max.1 second
Ground Plane Antenna on a flat ground plane
Internal Memory Up to 2 GB of onboard non-removable memory for data storage
Data process
Input/Output Data JPS, RTCM SC104 v. 2.x and 3.x, CMR
Output Data format NMEA 0183 v. 2.x and 3.0, BINEX
Battery Baterie interna Li-Ion (7.2 V, 8.85Ah) cu incarcator intern
Operation Time Up to 25 hours
External Power Port 1 port
Enclosure Metal base, plastic cover; IP67
Operation Temperature -40° C to +60°
Storage Temperature -45° C to +85° C
Humidity 100% condensing
Dimensions 85 x 61 x 132 mm
Weight 0.56kg
Compass Integrated
Other Features
Inclinometers Integrated
Status Indicator Six LEDs, two function keys (MinPad)